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The Press-Enterprise Wednesday

July 02, 2003

B Section

Truck refueling station gets county approval MEAD VALLEY: In response to concerns, the site will prohibit long-term stays. Security is also increased. BY DAN LEE THE PRESS-ENTERPRISE

County supervisors approved the construction Tuesday of a truck refueling station in the Mead Valley area, despite concerns raised by residents about the crime, pollution and traffic it could create. The proposed 10-acre site is just west of Interstate 215, at the intersection of Cajalco Expressway and Harvill Avenue. It would include an ARCO am/pm mini-market, as well as restaurants to serve truck drivers and other motorists. Resident Britt Holmstrom told the supervisors she had strong concerns about the smog, especially from diesel fuel, that project would create. Joe Richards, an engineer on the project, said developers have worked closely with county officials and made substantial changes to the proposal. It will not be a truck stop, he said. "There is a condition of approval that limits a stay to no more than three hours," Richards said. In addition, the developers have eliminated showers and laundry services that were originally proposed for truck drivers, he said. They have also agreed to have on-site security and video cameras and reduced the amount of truck parking, Richards said. Supervisor Bob Buster, who supported the-project; said the area was long slated for business development, which made it a logical site for a truck refueling station. "But I can't offer a silver bullet that there won't be any problems," he said. The vote was 4-0 with Supervisor John Tavaglione absent from the meeting. Ali Mazarei, co-founder of Orange-based Pinnacle Real Estate Holdings Inc. said he bought the property despite back taxes being owed on it. The project should cost up to $ 8 million, and construction will begin once the county issues building permits, he said. Once completed, the truck refueling station and restaurants should generate $20 million to $ 30 million in taxable revenue for the county, Mazarei said, it also should create 75 jobs, he said. Jo Ann Mcanilis, a Val Verde Unified School District trustee who lives nearby, said she was concerned about the environmental impact of the truck station. In addition, she said she had heard about drug and prostitution problems at truck stops, from her son-in-law, a truck driver. But McAnlis said she felt better after talking to Mazarei after the meeting. She said she plans to visit other establishments owned by Mazarei later this week. "I feel good about this" McAnlis said. Don Lee (909) 567-2410.




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